Who we Serve

Types of practices we serve

Advantrix primarily offers its wide range of services to small, solo and group practices across the nation. Our mission is to make reimbursement management and the revenue cycle as streamlined as possible. This helps independent providers stay independent, and gives them the flexibility, time, and energy to focus on their biggest priority — the well-being of their patients.

Small, independent healthcare providers who operate under large corporations run the risk of compromising quality of care for quantity; oftentimes, these practices are made to focus on how many patients are pushed through the system, instead of the long-term health of those patients. Advantrix is here to step in and facilitate the process to enable you to consistently deliver personalized care. 

While each service offering is molded to fit your unique needs, most involve the same set of basic services. With each patient, we will: 

  • Check the patient’s benefits when they present for care. 
  • Communicate the benefits to the provider in writing. 
  • Determine whether any pre-certification or authorization is needed. 
  • Assist with the pre-certification/authorization process including assembling needed documentation of medical necessity. 
  • Follow up on the authorization process. 
  • Address any issues that arise. 
  • Organize and store authorizations in a cloud-based platform for the provider. 
  • Assist in billing once services have been rendered. 
  • Help in the process of authorization/certification when the approved amount of visits has been reached. 


Need more? Advantrix can build a custom solution for your practice.

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