Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing to Advantrix will lower your costs while enhancing increase efficiency.  Practices lose revenue from denials and also through underpricing, under coding, missed charges, and uncollected claims. Given the fact that Insurance companies have large databases – where audits are data and AI driven, claim payments are many times dependent on appeals and document submission, Advantrix provides all of this. These are tasks that often overwhelm in-house staff and require experience, expertise and persistence. We, at Advantrix, provide you all of that and more!

We offer multiple platforms for data exchange i.e. EMR system, Secure Cloud, Fax, bonded courier to even pick-up papers from your office. All HIPAA compliant solutions!  Advantrix is a paperless office.

All claims are transmitted electronicall0y – using the most advanced EDI channels in 24 to 48 hours from date of claim intake. This includes claim scrubbing, auditing prior to transmission. Payments are processed within 2 weeks and are ACH-deposited directly to the client’s designated bank account.  Claims where payment is contingent on medical review will take longer to process, but rest assured that Advantrix will be following up diligently.

Yes, we handle appeals and go through the reconsideration, 1st stage and 2nd stage appeals to ensure that your reimbursement cycle is completed.

We have qualified coders, who will provide coding updates and bring to your notices cases where there is inconsistency in billing and coding. Since documentation is king where coding is concerned, we emphasize the importance of documentation matching the selected codes. Increased revenue is realized because of optimized coding.

We offer extensive credentialing services that include but not limited to completing all required paperwork, obtaining required regulatory documents, coordinating and communicating with the payers on your behalf, monitoring vital documentation validity, network counseling and much more.  Our service is concierge grade that completely takes away administrative and tracking hassles from your office.

We offer a complimentary contract negotiation service to our clients, utilizing modern data driven approach to payer contract negotiation and take a lead role in coordinating and communicating with the payers on your behalf.

We offer seamless patient reach-out services like compliant SMS messaging confirming, reminding patients on their appointments, including the no-show patients. We send out vaccination, well-sit reminders to the patients and any other general communication with the patients. We utilize our proprietary SMS technology to send out compliant text messaging to your patients and we only use recognized, authorized technology platforms for these services. The only effort from your office to sign up for these services, we do the rest.

Patient billing is part of our RCM services that include mailing patient statements, digitized 9SMS0 reach out to the patients on open balances, offering payment gateway services and a dedicated patient helpline for patients to call in with their queries.

We ARE HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) compliant with our software, intra office systems and communications. All our data is stored on HIPAA compliant cloud based servers, so your data is always secure.