Ultra Comprehensive Physical Therapy

Mr. J. Vashi is a part of the team at Ultra Comprehensive Physical Therapy, located in Clifton, NJ. They are dedicated to treating patients of all ages for a variety of medical concerns.

Ultra Comprehensive Physical Therapy has been working with Advantrix for the past year to streamline their revenue cycle management (RCM). The practice was first introduced to Advantrix via a sales call, followed up by an in-office presentation to demonstrate Advantrix’s services.

Mr. Vashi recognized the value Advantrix was offering immediately, as well as the potential to greatly improve RCM for Ultra Comprehensive Physical Therapy. The practice has been extremely impressed with Advantrix’s customer service and flexibility in answering questions outside of their contract — so much so, that they have already happily recommended Advantrix to a chiropractor and a doctor in the area.

“With Advantrix’s support, we’ve noticed our billing and reimbursement services becoming more efficient, and our operations running more smoothly,” says Mr. Vashi “We look forward to continuing our partnership, and recommending Advantrix to other medical practitioners.”


Image Credit: Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash