SCN Dermatology

Dr. Son is an experienced dermatologist at SCN Dermatology, a modern dermatology center with two clinics in Newark and Englewood, NJ and one in Midtown Manhattan, NY. Over the practice’s 12 years in business, they have dedicated their expertise to treating patients of all ages for a variety of dermatological needs.

Following an introduction by a colleague in the medical industry eight years ago, SCN Dermatology partnered with Advantrix to help them resolve challenges with their record keeping and implement a more efficient process for sending out billing in a timely manner. Advantrix’s services have been instrumental in streamlining the clinic’s revenue and billing operations, resulting in improved productivity.

“Advantrix is doing a good job,” says Dr. Son. “They are very punctual and trustworthy.”  SCN Dermatology happily continues to recommend Advantrix to fellow medical practitioners who need support with their record keeping or billing and revenue management, knowing their colleagues will be in good hands with Advantrix’s customized solutions and personalized service.


Image Credit: Photo by Youssef Labib on Unsplash