Aim Orthopedics: Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

Dr. R. Lagonigro is one of two physical therapists at Aim Orthopedics, located in Little Falls, NJ. The practice specializes in treating active older adults as well as younger high school or college age athletes.

Aim Orthopedics first partnered with Advantrix three years ago for help with their revenue cycle management (RCM). They’ve seen their billing and reimbursement services become more streamlined and efficient due to the excellent communication skills and attention to detail they experience with Advantrix.

“No detail goes unnoticed,” says Dr. Lagonigro, who has been impressed enough with Advantrix’s services to recommend them frequently to his peers in the medical industry.

In addition to working to ensure the practice is paid promptly, Advantrix also adds value through their software. Staff members appreciate that it is user friendly, while still being advanced enough to provide quick results. With the ability to quickly verify patients’ insurance benefits, the claims process is now much easier for Dr. Lagonigro and his patients.

Aim Orthopedics plans to expand, opening a second clinic in the near future. “When we do,” says Dr. Lagonigro, “we will definitely be incorporating Advantrix’s services to keep our growing operations streamlined so we can continue to provide superior service to our clients.


Image Credit: Photo by Chase Kinney on Unsplash